young people sailing in Plymouth sound

Our aims;

To utilise Plymouth largest natural asset for young people and adults, Plymouth Sound.

A young peoples  club providing competency, safety, supervision, social activities

Plymouth Youth Sailing gives opportunities to disadvantaged  people in Plymouth. We aim to give our participants skills and information to help break the cycle of deprivation and see beyond disadvantages. The impact we aim to provide our participants with is: an activity outside of their normal area of life experience, heighten self esteem, build confidence and create a sense of achievement and self worth. The activities we deliver give a chance to try new and fun experiences, to participate regularly in these activities, work as a team, develop skills/ knowledge and build group relationships.

The organisation can only deliver the extensive programme through assistance from volunteers, both adults and young people.

We provide an opportunity for people to maintain their interest and continue to develop their skills and confidence through youth work and adventurous water activities.

The club actively encourages members of the community, regardless of age, gender, race or ability to participate with the club & to help them develop their personal & social skills through the medium of the outdoors.