Easter school holidays activity programme

Monday 30th March – cycling day, bring your mountain bike and go to Lanhydrock trails for the day. 0930-1630 cost £15, booking required

Tuesday 31st March–  We have got permission to go and visit the Plymouth breakwater.

This will last around 2/3 hours, you would need to arrive at 0930, after the visit Mike is going arrange activities for the members. This is weather dependant, above force 4 wind they wont let us go on the breakwater. Booking required

Cost nothing for the breakwater but if stopping with us after that £10


Wednesday 1st April – day 1 Feva race training day, a number of clubs have got together to organise a Feva race coaching day. it will be a specialist coach leading.

If you are thinking if racing a Feva this year this is important. Booking required

Times 0930-1630 cost £15 per day


Thursday 2nd April – Day 2 of Feva race training 0930-1630 coat £15 per day

General sailing day- 0930 -1630, if the weather is good we will go for a day trip. Cost £15, no booking required


Tuesday 7th April – Day 1 New members learn to sail course 0930 -1630


Wednesday 8th April – Day 2 New members learn to sail course 0930 -1630

Mount Edgecombe day, over to mount Edgecombe by boat then Frisbee golf and orienteering times 0930- 1630, cost £15 meet and finish at MBC booking required


Thursday 9th April – Day 3, New members learn to sail course 0930 -1630


Friday 10th April– Day 4, New members learn to sail course 0930 -1630

Kayak day 0930-1630 cost £15, booking required