This was built for the Navy, so they built the fort just after they finished the breakwater010  011


In 1860 it was decide by Lord Palmerston ( he also was involved with Crownhill fort in Plymouth), he had a plan for the defence of Plymouth.  The Breakwater Fort was designed to defend the entrance to Plymouth Sound with Bovisand and Picklecombe forts. It was designed by Captain Siborne, they started work in 1861 and it was completed in 1865. It was built on on Shovel Rock and is just inside the Breakwater not connected to it.

It was armed with fourteen 12.5-inch and four 10-inch rifled muzzle-loading guns In World War I, it served as a signal station, and in World war 2 it had an anti-aircraft guns.

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The navy put spotter huts on the breakwater, using the old huts that kept the pony’s (that used pulled the stone trucks) sheltered at night

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